A Platform with Unmatched Functionality

Billogram is an intelligent billing solution for companies with recurring payments. Using smart technology, we streamline payment processes for our clients and improve the payment experience for the end customer.

Generate Invoices

Our service is simple, scalable, and ready to handle large volumes of invoices. Integrate via our well documented API, or use the intuitive GUI..

  • API
  • Graphical user interface


We provide many invoice distribution channels, so that you can choose which to offer to your customers. New channels are added regularly, and Billogram also offers digitalization tools that automatically convert up to 30% of customers from paper to digital invoices.

  • E-mail
  • Post
  • SMS


Invoicing makes up the majority of all customer interactions. With Billogram's interactive format, invoicing becomes an effective channel for transparent, personalized communication. The result is a payment that is less about the transaction and more about the relationship.

  • Messages
  • Events
  • Changelog
  • Upsell


A range of simple payment methods, including our one-click pay solution, gives customers the ability to choose how they pay and reduces incorrect payments and churn while improving a company’s cash flow. We continuously update our available payment methods, so customers can pay quickly and securely no matter where they are.

  • One-Click Pay
  • Automatic payments

Automatic Follow Up

Billogram gives invoicers increased control over reminders and debt collection. Rules and frameworks are set up in accordance with invoicers’ preferences, allowing for automation, but also identifying the exceptions that require more personalized communication. A dynamic and automated payment process offers great long-term benefits, such as improved customer relations and increased loyalty.

  • Reminders
  • Debt collection

Smooth Integration

Billogram has an extensive API with fast setup and easy to use documentation. It contains all the functionality of our GUI; so that you can automate the flow you want.

Easy Payments

Payments should be secure and on time, help your customers achieve this with one-click pay or any of the other payment methods we provide.

Quality Engagements

Because the invoice is the most frequent contact customers have with their suppliers, it makes up a crucial part of the customer experience. That is why Billogram works actively to deliver hassle-free payments, while adding additional value by providing space for important information, personalized offers and increased self-service.


Set price of 10 sek/invoice with up to 5000 invoices/year

Pay as you go with no hidden or monthly fees. The price includes:

  • Digital delivery

  • Status updates on payments

  • Automatic reminders

  • Credit invoices

  • Bookkeeping reports

  • API integration

  • Unlimited number of users

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Individual pricing

Companies sending more than 5000 invoices/year can contact sales for a demo or quote.

  • Everything in Small Business, plus:

  • Custom terms

  • Customisable integration

  • Dedicated contact person

  • Priority support

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